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From the Desk of Dr. Patrick Cohn

Dear Fellow Mental Coach,

If you’ve been trained in sport psychology or are working with athletes on the mental game and are passionate about helping athletes, but need some guidance with the business side of it (you know, like how to get clients, how to been seen as a credible mental coach, how much to charge, etc.), I can help you…

Please read it to the end…

Allow me to share a quick story with you… 20 years ago, I was studying sports psychology in graduate school at The University of Virginia. My Graduate School Ph.D. training was designed to prepare me to teach sports psychology to students in kinesiology or sports science. And I followed my training by teaching college students sports psychology as an assistant professor.

I liked teaching, but I realized after two full years that my main passion was helping athletes improve mental toughness and achieve their goals. So, in 1994, after having worked with a few golfers, I decided to make a career as a full-time mental game coach

I wasn’t ready for what would follow…

Graduate school never prepared me to start my own business as a mental coach. I had prepared to be a professor in sports psychology…

You learn a lot in graduate school about sports psychology strategies, but I didn’t know anything about how to run a business as a mental game coach. I was clueless about how to make a career as a mental coach.

I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to find my niche. How do I make a living as a mental game coach?

I couldn’t make a breakthrough. I was barking up the wrong tree. I was not really sure about how to find work with athletes as a sports psychology professional.

I had lots of questions (and doubts), but no good
answers in my early years at a mental coach…

  • Can you really make a living as a mental game coach to athletes?
  • Who should I contact to find athletes and coaches to hire me?
  • How do I find work with athletes and teams?
  • Should I spend my time writing a book or talking to coaches and athletes?
  • Should I offer my services for free initially?
  • Do I just need to advertise my services to let others know I exist?
  • Should I do a web site? How do you get a web site up and running, anyway?
  • What if I can’t make this career work? Do I need to find a teaching job?
  • What are other successful mental game experts doing?

You’ve probably asked yourself some of the same questions. Besides my frustration with not having the knowledge or the skills to run my own business, just starting out as a mental coach, I didn’t have a proven methodology for helping my athletes succeed.

I flushed thousands of dollars down
the toilet on advertising in newspapers…

I contacted potential groups to do seminars, but those turned into dead ends. I had an awful website that did not attract any visitors. Was I in the wrong area of the country? All the dead ends and wasted time in the early years caused me to question whether I had made the right career choice.

But I still loved working with the few students I did have, and I stayed focused…

OK, fast-forward about 13 years… After countless years of trial and error, frustration, and lots of hard work, I began to understand how to turn my passion into a successful career. Over the years, I polished my programs, developed my own mental game assessments, started to offer programs that did sell, and learned how to help athletes take mental game concepts to application.

I have to make a confession…

Even today, I don’t think of myself as an expert in the business world. I see myself as a successful mental game expert helping athletes reach their goals. I don’t have all the answers and I’m still learning what helps my practice grow.

But I am certain that I can help you accelerate your learning curve drastically as a mental game coaching professional who wants more credibility as well as getting paid for working with athletes on the mental game.

I’ve worked in the trenches with struggling professional and amateur athletes who want to climb out of a slump or just get to the next level of competition. Today, I train other mental game experts, life coaches, and therapists in my mental game coaching profession system.

Now you can learn from my mistakes and triumphs by
joining my mastermind group for mental game experts….

“Business-Building Secrets for Mental Game Coaches: Mastermind Group for Sports Psychology Professionals”

Mental Coach Mastermind

In This Exciting New Mastermind Program for Mental Game Coaches, You’ll Learn:

  • Three things you must do before you start working with athletes as a mental game coach
  • How to find a personal army of support personnel for dirt cheap
  • How to land more clients without breaking your bank account
  • Three things you must build into your coaching programs
  • How to ask for endorsements to build credibility and spread the word
  • How to research your target market to find the right niche for you
  • How to maximize credibility instantly as a mental coach (even with limited experience)
  • How to promote your services to quickly gain more work with athletes quickly
  • The top online tactics to boost your web presence and use the world wide web to get more clients
  • The top off-line tactics to obtain more work with athletes and teams
  • Three simple and must-have strategies to use podcasting and blogging to maximize your visibility online
  • How to find organizations that want to partner with you
  • Two simple methods to do surveys with athletes to understand your target audience
  • How to build a new website for less than $100 and get 1st page standing on in less than 1 month!
  • How to easily and inexpensively self-publish your first sports psychology product inexpensively
  • How to create new products, CDs, or DVDs, including how to record, edit, and duplicate!
  • How to know where you should and shouldn’t put your promotional or advertising dollars
  • How to collaborate with other professionals to build your brand or name
  • Three low-cost methods to build your own online membership site
  • And too much more to cover here!

Network with Like-Minded Professionals

Besides learning my secrets to a successful mental coaching practice, you’ll meet and network with like-minded professionals each month via our new mastermind meetings! You’ll also learn what other successful mental game experts are doing too!

Want more details about what happens during the mastermind program? Watch my video preview by clicking on the image below:

Mental Coach Career Secrets
Gain Credibility And Boost Your Mental Coaching Career

My mastermind and coaching program for mental game experts is all about like-minded professionals sharing information and tactics to help each other grow. Each month we’ll meet within a highly interactive session to brainstorm, share ideas, develop partnerships, and learn how to grow our businesses.

In addition to the monthly mastermind meeting, I’ll share with you my secrets to a successful career as a mental game professional.

You’ll get:

  • Monthly “Advisor Video” for mental coaches to learn tactics to promote your business.
  • Monthly “Athlete Attraction” MP3 program to help you grasp my system to stay organized, attract new students, develop and sell products, and build an online empire.
  • “Athlete Attraction” transcript of the MP3 audio program in case you prefer to read instead of listen.
  • Monthly “Strategy Planner” worksheet for each session to help you prepare for the mastermind meeting and organize your thoughts.
  • A monthly “Time Cruncher” that details websites and tools to help you be more productive and save time in expanding your business.
  • “Credible Coach Creator” that gives you specific tips and strategies to help you gain instant credibility with your audience.
  • A special “Chatterbox Forum” for mental coaches to exchange ideas and ask questions to other experts, including myself.

The mastermind coaching program also includes:

  • Video recording of our monthly online mastermind meeting in case you can’t attend during the scheduled time.
  • Guest mental coaches to discuss their secrets to successful mental coaching careers.

What Are Participants Saying About the Program?

“My Best Year in 2011…”

“Thank you Dr. Cohn for organizing and leading the Mastermind. I was able to implement marketing, coaching, and business concepts to my coaching practice. This led to my best year in 2011 and it was so beneficial to connect with other like-minded professionals who shared openly their best ideas.”*
~ Rick Sessinghaus Psy.D, MGCP, “Golf’s Mental Coach”

“Critical for Next Steps in Career…”

“The mastermind program was critical for me to take the next steps in becoming a professional in the field. Dr. Cohn’s program was instrumental for me to help create my pricing, packages, etc. We also bounced ideas off of each other so that we shared things that were working or not working for each of us. The ability to also join in on joint ventures is also a huge plus. Through the mastermind program, Dr. Cohn and I wrote a workbook program that has been a great addition to my business.”*
~Jen Croneberger, MGCP, MA, JLynne Consulting Group, LLC.

“Many Ways to Reach More Clients…”

“The Mental Coach Mastermind Program teaches you numerous ways to reach potential clients! It also provides an excellent forum where you can bounce ideas or ask other professionals in your field about how they reach new clients or how to deal with challenges a client might have.”*
~John Stevenson, MGCP, Registered Sports Psychologist, M.A., M.A.C.P.

Who Is The Program Perfect For?

  • A full-time or part-time mental game coach or sports psychologists who wants to expand your mental coaching business and mastermind with others.
  • A psychologist or therapist already working with athletes, but who wants to do more with athletes by expanding your market.
  • A life coach or sports coach who works with athletes already, but wants to break further into the athletics world and do more coaching with athletes.
  • A student in sports psychology who wants to learn how to break into the field as an entrepreneur.

Small Cost For A Big Payoff!

You DO NOT have to be an MGCP to join the program! However, I have two different plans depending on your status as an MGCP or NON-MGCP:

**CERTIFIED MGCPs – Only $79 per month (cancel anytime by email or phone)

**ALL OTHER COACHES – Only $395 (initiation fee) plus $79 per month (cancel anytime by email or phone)

Why does the program cost more for coaches who are not in the MGCP program?

Certified MGCPs have paid their dues ($4000 per person) to be in the MGCP community. MGCPs are exempt from the initiation fee for this reason.


1. Non-MGCPs use the “Join Now” button below:


2. For certified MGCP Only, use the link below:


 Meeting Time and Place

Our next mastermind program will not start up again until 2024. We meet via GotoMeeting web conferencing, which is very simple to use and free for all participants (after you enroll, I’ll email you instructions on how to join the video conference). If you miss a call, we will provide a video recording of the meeting.

I Can Only Accept 20 People in the Program!

I have another confession to make… I only open this program once every two years. And I have to limit the number of participants to 20 persons. I want to give you and everyone in the program a chance to join in the brainstorming and mastermind activities. For this reason, I’m going to keep the group small – only the first 20 people to join will lock in their spot in the program.

Let Me Be Clear About Who Can Join…

The Business-Building Secrets for Mental Game Coaches Mastermind program is NOT for untrained mental game coaches with no experience working with athletes on the mental game.

We don’t discuss mental training strategies with athletes in this program. Instead, you learn how to gain credibility quickly, find work with athletes, develop sports psychology products, and grow your online visibility.

If you’re unsure if you qualify, please contact me. If you want to learn the strategies for HOW TO work with athletes to improve their mental game, I suggest you enroll in the MGCP certification program instead of my Business-Building Secrets and Mastermind Program.

Thanks for reading about my exciting and unique mastermind program for mental game experts or sports psychology professionals. I look forward to talking to you in the program. Please contact me if you have any questions about the program.

Your Master Mental Coach,

Sports Psychology Expert, Dr. Cohn

P.S. I’ve never shared with anyone (even my certified MGCPs) my secrets to going from earning $0 to six figures per year as a mental game coach. I’m certain that I can accelerate your learning curve and cut years off what took me decades to accomplish. Call me at 888-742-7225 if you have any questions about my mastermind program.


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.