Mental Game Success Stories

Case Study Success Stories with Actual Clients

Dr. Cohn’s mental game coaching and CD programs have been instrumental in helping athletes in all sports to improve performance through mental game strategies to raise confidence, improve their mental game, erase self-doubt, maintain focus, and retain composure. Here are just a few case studies of athletes who have benefited from Dr. Cohn’s programs. Check out these Peaksports students’ success stories, or you can browse the Peak Performance Sports’ testimonials from coaches and athletes. If you don’t see your sport listed here, don’t worry; we work with athletes of all ages—from junior to senior—in all sports.

Golf Psychology Success StorySean McQueary Golf Mental Game Success Story

Sean has always been a good athlete. He was a DI college tennis player and was a high level cyclist. After sustaining some major injuries Sean took up golf. He quickly rose in the ranks and is currently an amateur golfer. Even though Sean was a skilled golfer, something was blocking his success. Sean could execute on the range, but had trouble taking this game to the course and knew his mental game was holding him back. Listen to Sean talk about how he increased his confidence and learned how to take his practice game to the course after working with Dr. Cohn.

Listen to the Audio of Sean’s Success Story:

“I have spent hundreds to dollars on clubs, putters, etc. always looking for answers. But I knew this was not going to work because I have some internal issues I had to deal with on the golf course. Working with Dr. Cohn on mental game by far is the best investment I have made. I have some great tools to work on to see my mental game improve.  I feel better now than I have ever have on the golf course and I thank you so much for helping me with the positive mental direction.”*
~Sean McQueary

Nicolas Mylonas Basketball Mental Game Success Story

Basketball Mental GameNicolas was a perfectionist with super high expectations about his basketball game. After only one month of mental coaching with Dr. Cohn’s sports psychology program, he was able to improve his focus and composure for basketball. He had trouble dealing with mistakes and missed shots–and would get upset quickly with himself. When frustrated, this mindset would lead doubt and making more mistakes because he was dwelling on the past and rushing his performance.

Listen to the Audio of Nicolas’ Success Story:

“Both of the last 2 weekends, Nicolas had high-pressure basketball tournaments where he really showed improvement and maturity! He reacted very calmly to missed shots and mistakes and was very poised in the very close finals game. We have never seen him so composed and locked-in on the issue at hand! He has also realized that and tells us that he feels more calm and confident than before.”*
~Alex Mylonas, Nicolas’ father

Sports psychology case studyAaron Fitzpatrick Golf Mental Game Success Story

Aaron was an average high school golfer before he improved his mental game using Dr. Cohn’s sports psychology program. Dr. Cohn and Aaron worked for three months to improve his mental game and performance. Mike Fitzpatrick, Aaron’s dad, was really impressed by the remarkable turnaround in Aaron’s mental game and performance. You can listen in as Mike talks to Dr. Cohn about the significant changes in Aaron’s game after mental coaching.

Listen to the Audio of Aaron’s Success Story:

“I saw that he was not discouraged when he was not playing well. We have to give credit to the work you have done with him. The turnaround in his game has been quite dramatic.”*
~Mike Fitzpatrick

Equestrian Peak PerformanceDiane Wade’s Equestrian Mental Game Success Story

Diane Wade sought out of the help of Dr. Cohn after she had lost her focus on the horse and had fallen, which consequently led to injuries and self-doubt. Dr. Cohn worked with Diane to help her relax on the horse and improve her mental preparation before showing. Now, Diane shares her success story of how she used the strategies she learned from Dr. Cohn’s coaching program to win an adult class on a new horse using some of the strategies she had learned from Dr. Cohn’s coaching program. You can discover the details about how she prepared mentally before showing.

Listen to the Audio of Diane’s Success Story:

“I think sports psychology tips can help all equestrians. Mental training tips will help you ride through challenges with more confidence. It can help riders across the entire equestrian spectrum.”*
~Diane Wade, Equestrian

Motocross and Sports PsychologyMatt Boni Motocross Racing Mental Game Success Story:

Matt Boni, National MX Champion, worked with sports psychology expert Dr. Cohn from the time he was an amateur motocross champion at age 15 all the way until he turned pro as a motocross racer. Matt talks about his experience working with Dr. Cohn and the importance of the mental game of motocross racing.

Listen to the Audio of Matt’s Success Story:

“Since I have been working with Dr. Cohn, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my training and racing performance. Dr. Cohn has helped me to be much more confident in my racing and the results prove it! I look forward to your help as I move into the pro ranks.”*
~Matt Boni, Motocross Champion

Equestrian PsychologyJulia Dreyer and Daughters’ Equestrian Mental Game Success Story

Julia Dreyer’s two daughters competed in American quarter horse equestrian class at the national and world level. Julia sought out Dr. Cohn to help her kids raise their confidence and cope with the pressures of high-level competition. Instead of being overly focused on other competitors, they learned how to focus on being mentally prepared before going into the ring.

Listen to the Audio with Julia Dreyer and Lisa Cohn:

“Patrick’s mental skills are easily understandable and applicable for kids. We try to supply our kids with the best things that we can to help them improve, such as equipment and coaches. To me, putting your head in the right place is the least expensive investment you can make because they [the strategies] are always with you.”*
~Julia Dryer, Equestrian Mom

Golf Psychology WinCamilla Dettori Golf Mental Game and MGCP Success Story

Camilla enrolled in Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program to help other golfers and athletes improve their mental toughness. After completing the self-paced MGCP program, she found that her own golf game improved. She had always struggled with letting go of mistakes. In the program, she learned how to cope with mistakes and play with more composure. At the time of the interview, she had just won the Gold Medal in the European Ladies Senior Championship.

Listen to the Audio of Camilla’s Success Story:

“I should really thank you for all the tools you have given me for learning how to perform and to help others perform.”*
~Camilla Dettori, MGCP student and golfer

Sports Psychology and SurfingShawn Burrell Surfing Mental Game Success Story

Pro Surfer Shawn Burrell, used “The Confident Athlete Series” programs to help him improve confidence, focus, and trust in surfing. In the past, he would judge himself, try too hard, and have doubt during competition. After completing the CD series, he learned how to take control of his confidence and focus on doing his best during competition.

Listen to Audio of Shawn’s Success Story:

The Confident Athlete CD programs programs were a real eye-opener for me and exposed many perfectionist traits that were holding me back. I learned that I don’t need to have a “magic surfboard” or train 5 hours a day to win. As a result, I enter competitions now more relaxed and confident than ever. It was a 180 degree turn for me.“*
~Shaun Burrell

Sports Psychology baseballTylor Prudhomm Baseball Success Story

Shortstop Tylor Prudhomm worried too much about striking out at the plate. This caused him to try to be perfect in the batter’s box. Nevertheless, he still lost the pop on his swing and his swing was indecisive. After completing “The Confident Athlete” CD programs, he gained confidence and was able to focus on the things he can control in his sport. Even his coaches could see greater confidence in his play!

Listen to Audio of Tylor’s Success Story:

“After completing ‘The Confident Athlete’ series, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my level of play or should I say consistency. I play NCAA Division I baseball for Lamar University, and even my coaches have noticed a change in the way that I approach the game – my attitude and confidence at the plate. It has also helped me reach a new level of focus. I am able to get into that zone where I am able to narrow my focus on to the task. Thank you for helping in my continuing goal to mental toughness.”*
~Tylor Prudhomm

Sports Psychology shootingMarios Kapodistrias Shooting Success Story

Shooter Mario Kapodistrias needed to qualify for his national team, but he had low self-confidence in his trap shooting. He worried about missing targets, and unfortunately, his scores showed it. After finishing “The Confident and Focused Athlete” programs, he no longer had any doubts and was able to focus on his game. When he missed a target, he did not panic but remained focused in the present!

Listen to Audio of Mario’s Success Story:

“First, I would like to thank you for the help given to me through your programs, ‘The Confident Athlete’ and ‘The Focused Athlete.’ I have made tremendous sacrifices though all these years to become a top Olympic Trap shooter but something was missing. This missing part was with my mental game. My scores increased tremendously in record time and other said that I was a different shooter.“*
~Marios Kapodistria

Sports Psychology wrestlingAdam and Josh (Parent and Son) Wrestling Success Story

Adam’s son Josh is a 10-year-old wrestler. Josh’s performance was hindered by trying to be too perfect in his wrestling matches. This caused him to over-think his moves, hesitate, and worry about making mistakes. Adam and Josh completed “The Fearless Athlete” and worked directly with Dr. Cohn on the principles in the program to help Josh improve the mental game of his wrestling. In just 3-4 weeks, Josh’s coaches saw an improvement in his performance.

Listen to Audio of Adam’s Success Story:

“With the use of the The Fearless Athlete and Ultimate Sports Parent workbooks, I see subtle but significant results in a short period of time. My young athlete did not even know about positive self-talk until we started the program.”*
~Adam, Sports Parent

Sport Psychology basketballPaul Rask Basketball Success Story

Coach and amateur basketball player Paul Rask struggled with his confidence in shooting, and deemed himself “The Reluctant Shooter.” He was afraid of missing and would second-guess his shooting ability. After completing “The Composed Athlete,” he learned how to be more confident in his game and not worry about missing. Even after missing a first shot, he stayed confident and kept shooting.

Listen to Audio of Paul’s Success Story:

“I learned to play with a confidence that it does not matter if I make it or miss the shot… So what if I miss, it’s only a game.”*
~Paul Rask, basketball player

Mental Game of baseballMark’s Son Baseball Success Story

Mark’s 17-year-old son struggled with tension, anxiety, and nervousness at the plate last year. “He was pressing too hard and losing all his mechanics,” said his father, who admitted to contributing to his son’s problems. Mark’s son completed “The Fearless Athlete” and “The Relaxed Athlete” programs. Mark learned how to stop over-coaching as a parent, and his son learned that it’s OK to be anxious and began to be able to relax at the plate.

Listen to Audio of Mark’s Son’s Success Story:

“After completing your program… he was more aware of the things that made him tight. He learned to control his breathing and control his emotions.”*
~Mark’s Father

Australian Rules footballTony Acosta’s Australian Rules Football Team Success Story

Coach Tony Acosta, who coaches 10-11 year olds in Australian rules football, talks to sports psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn about how he used “Kids’ Sports Psychology” resources to beat a formidable opponent and win a championship with his team.

Listen to Audio of Tony’s Team Success Story:

“My boys succeeded ! We beat a team that no one could beat during the year, that was coached by a former Professional player , that had sons of former Professional players in the team and as a result of believing in themselves, they won.”*
~Tony Acosta, Coach

Golf Sports psychologyTraci Bateman Golf Success Story

Traci is an amateur golfer who plays up to 60 rounds a year and has read Dr. Cohn’s golf books and Confident Athlete CDs. She was a perfectionist who wanted to play a perfect round and thus struggled with her confidence. She changed her mental game by focusing on smaller goals and dealing with her negative self-talk.

Listen to Audio of Traci’s Success Story:

“My short game improved, I did not get down on myself, and dropped my handicap by two strokes.”*
~Traci Bateman







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