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Mental Preparation Secrets for Serve Receive

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Sports Psychology for Volleyball

Get instant access to a Sports Psychology for Volleyball FREE report. Discover the mental game secrets to performing serve receive well for volleyball players.

You’ll discover:

  • How to mentally prepare to perform well during serve receive.
  • How to use your mind as an asset instead of a hindrance during serve receive.
  • A critical mental error that can undermine your on-court performance!
  • How to focus your mind and trust your skills using an pre-serve routine.

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Mental Game Success Stories

“We are already seeing results”

“Thanks again for teaching me how to do mental game coaching with my volleyball team. We are already seeing results for just our FIRST meeting! I really enjoyed out work together in Orlando!”*
~Kurt Trout, Iowa Rockets Volleyball Coach

“Thank you for the information on mental preparation”

 “Great news. In the last three weeks, we captured the following: our league championship; the northern Ontario [N.O.S.S.A.] Championship; the provincial “AA” [O.F.S.A.A.] Championship and finally the Hawaiian Sun & Surf Invitational Championship. Quite a feat! The team is totally elated. I would like to thank you, on their behalf, for the information you supplied on mental preparation. We remained focused and played relaxed! Your insights, which we incorporated into our practices, were part of the reason for our successes.”*
~John Jeffries, Wildcat Volleyball

“Get Them to Be Cocky and Believing in Themselves”

“The Confidence e-book has been wonderful for our 15 teens Junior Olympic Volleyball team. We have participated in three tournaments and won 2! He has the girls playing emotionally and stepping it up during the big games. He has been able to get them to be cocky and believing in themselves. He has (using your advice) approached two of the players and asked them to be inspirational leaders. It is great to see them step up to the challenge.”*

~Bill Forgione

“A Lot of Parents and Kids Need This Information”

“We try and spend 20 to 30 minutes a day working on the mental aspects of the game. My daughter is really enjoying it and feels it has helped and I know it has worked for her mother and I. I think you need to open a branch up here in Detroit, Michigan because there are a lot of parents and kids up here that need this information. Keep up the good work!”
~Scott Burgess


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