Sports Psychology Certification

Certification = Successful Mental Coach

Whether you are a mental coach, therapist, life coach or psychologist, your goal is the same – to champion people to success. Working with athletes is no exception. That’s where becoming a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) can help you. You’ll develop and master the skills and tools you need to supercharge your mental coaching toolbox.

Sports Psychology Certification

Here is just some of what you’ll discover: (1) A proven mental game coaching system to help your athletes sharpen their mental game, (2) Mental Edge Workbooks 2.0 to accelerate your athletes’ learning of mental skills, (3) Dr. Cohn’s entire mental game assessment system for mental coaches, (4) Mastermind with other mental game professionals to share ideas, gain experience, and learn from the best, and (5) How to grow a presence online with a website built by mental coaches for mental coaches.

Improve your mental coaching skills Today…


1. MGCP Mental Coach Certification Program

Sports Psychology Certification

If you are a sports psychologist in training, sports coach, life coach, therapist or psychologist, we can teach you how to improve mental toughness in athletes! Learn Dr. Cohn’s proven mental coaching system for instilling confidence and success in athletes!

You’ll tap into Dr. Cohn’s 25 years of experience as a mental game coach to junior to professional athletes. A one-of-a-kind mental coach certification course, the Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) program teaches you how to assess athletes mental game and teach mental toughness skills to athletes 10 years and up. Starting at $1500 *Payment plan. Learn More About Mental Coach Certification…

2. Mental Edge Workbooks for Mental Coaches

Mental Edge Workbook System

Accelerate your athletes’ learning and preparation between your regular sessions! Make your work as a mental game coach more efficient and organized. This new workbook series was designed for coaches and mental coaches to use with their athletes.

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks complement your existing mental training program—they do not replace your regular one-on-one coaching sessions. Help your athletes learn mental skills faster with The Mental Edge Workbook system. Program at $698 for entire 19 workbook set. Learn More Now About The Mental Edge Workbook System…

3. AMAP Mental Game Assessment System

AMAP Mental Game Assessment

The AMAP System teaches you how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look for when reading the AMAP, and how to do a summary of the AMAP.

In addition, you’ll also get follow up questions to ask and how learn about how to drill down on relevant topics. Perfect for mental game coaches and sport coaches who want a proven system for assessing mental toughness in their athletes.

Includes 15 easy-to-read, practical Mental Edge Workbooks on PDF–you can use over and over again. Each workbook focuses on a specific topic in sports psychology that will help accelerate your athletes’ learning between your sessions. $599 all inclusive. Learn More About The AMAP Assessment System…

4. Improving Credibility: How to Obtain More Clients as a Mental Game Coach

Mental Coach Credibility

I’ve made lots of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons over the last 25 plus years as a mental game coach… Now you can learn from my mistakes and triumphs with a new manual for mental game coaches. My new program helps new and experienced mental coaches gain credibility in your field of expertise.

In “Improving Credibility,” you’ll learn how to get organized with your business documents so you can look professional, how to harness social proof from athletes and coaches, and learn the top tactics to improve your credibility as a mental coach. I’ve bundled several supplemental documents–this bundle alone is valued at $200. We’ve made my credibility system super easy for you to implement and use with your athletes or teams. We designed this program to help you get organized as a mental game coach and accelerate your credibility. Program at $299 for 40-page manual and 5 bonus programs. Learn More About Improving Credibility….

5. Mental Coach’s Playbook: Working With Sports Parents

Working With Sports Parents

Based on my discovery working closely with sports parents, I’ve decided to share all the same tools and resources I use (and my certified MGCPs use) to help sports parents and their young athletes. You’ll learn how to help sports parents support their athletes’ mental game using my proven methods and tools. This program was designed to help mental coaches improve their effectiveness with sports parents and their athletes.

The Mental Coach’s Playbook program complements your existing mental training program—it does not change what you are currently doing. Program at $399, includes: Manual For Mental Coaches, YMAP Assessment For Young Athletes, our new 10-Minute Pregame Prep Audio and Workbook Program, Kid’s Sports Psychology Mental Training and numerous supplemental documents. Learn More About Mental Coach’s Playbook….

6. Business-Building Secrets for Mental Coaches

Mental Coach Mastermind

Mastermind with other mental game experts to accelerate your mental coaching business! Besides learning my secrets to a successful mental coaching practice, you’ll meet and network with like-minded professionals each month via our new mastermind meetings!

You’ll also learn what other successful mental game experts are doing too! Starting at $79 per month for MGCPs. Learn More Now About The Mastermind Program for Mental Coaches